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Professional dog training services by Dog Trainer Billy Herrera, serving South Florida for over 27 years.

For over 27 years, dog trainer Billy Herrera has helped keep businesses safe in South Florida with his professionally-trained guard dogs. Now, he brings his dog-training expertise to you. With his help, your family can enjoy that same level of safety and security in your home.

Billy's Dog Training Services

Family Watch Dog Training

Keep your family safe. Families with young children and elderly loved-ones can benefit from Billy's special techniques that turn your pet into a family watch dog.

Guard Dog Training

Training dogs to guard and protect warehouses and business of all kinds has been Billy's area of expertise for almost 30 years.

Housebreaking For Dogs

Billy's house training services for dogs includes includes potty training and teaching your dog to not "go to the bathroom" in your house.Behaviors addressed include: chewing, barking, jumping, biting/mouthing, potty training and much more

Obedience Training

Billy's obedience training includes training for manners, as well as the basics: sit, down, stay, come, heel, go to place, watch me, leave it. It's good for both young puppies and adult dogs.

Behavior Modification

Behaviors addressed include: chewing, barking, jumping, biting/mouthing, potty training, and much more.

Pet Sitting

Billy provides a "home away from home" for when you need someone to watch your dog for an extended number of days.

In-home Training

Private in-home training is available so you can have your dog trained in the comfort of your own home.

Drop-off Training

Billy also offers drop-off training for those who prefer it.

Custom Dog Training

Get a plan customized to fit your specific dog training goals. Call Billy today for a free evaluation of your pet.

William Torres, aka Peachy, with BullMastiff dog, Hialeah Miami Lakes - Florida Guard Dogs

About Billy Herrera

  • History of the Best Guard Dogs in Miami

    Dog trainer Billy Herrera has trained commercial guard dogs in Hialeah/Miami, Florida for over 26 years. Over the years, he has provided guard-dog services to local South Florida business. He kept a staff of 2 dozen, professionally-trained guard dogs at his kennel in Hialeah.

  • Dog Trainer Billy

    He sold his guard dogs in 2010 and has since been providing dog training services to family pets. He is now known as “Dog Trainer Billy.”

Serving South Florida

Miami, Florida
Hialeah/Miami Lakes, Florida
Homestead, Florida
Miramar, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Florida Keys
Miami-Dade county
Broward county
Monroe county

Telephone: 305-401-8144
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